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So how does extremely high pressure water cleaning work?

But, while large pressure water cleansing is a powerful tool, its crucial that you make use of it the right way to stay away from potential damage. Therefore, its typically better to work with an experienced service to make sure the project is done effectively and safely. The extremely high pressure is able to cause destruction of specific surfaces if not used correctly. For the Pressure washing and Window Cleaning needs of our valued customers, Eco Cleaning in Brighton offer merely the very best in cleaning services.

Our Gold Coast Pressure Cleaning Washing and Window Cleaning specialists are prepared to service your every need. This intense pressure is then directed through a small, focused nozzle, creating a concentrated, high-velocity stream of water which can blast away even by far the most stubborn dirt, mildew, as well as stains. These machines use amazing pumps to dramatically improve the water’s pressure, typically reaching ph levels between 1,000 and 4,000 pounds per square inch (PSI). At the center of higher pressure water cleaning is a specialized unit known as a tension washer.

Just what areas can easily Eco friendly Pressure Washing be used for? We make use of Environmentally friendly Pressure Washing to clean: walls. A automobile wash takes up around 125 litres of drinking water, and in areas where a hosepipe ban is enforced, pressure washing can save hundreds of litres over the course of a time period. At Eco Cleaning, we use an eco friendly mobile cleaning system. Our state-of-the-art technique also is perfect for cleaning some guttering and also facia at the home of yours.

Many people still have a hose pipe to clean the automobile of theirs, and that is incredibly wasteful if your property has a meter. Making use of the most up German technology, our highly effective, eco-friendly water-fed pole produces thoroughly clean, filtered water at extremely high pressure to clean the outside of the automobile of yours, passing on to it streak free without the requirement of any toxic chemical substances. Pressure washing uses more water than I would apply to wash my automobile by hand – is that correct?

As well as being perfect for the natural environment, you will not find a less risky method to purify your vehicle’s paintwork than this. For additional info on our pressure washing services in and also around Brighton call us today! That means that the drinking water supply is totally independent of your home’s, enabling us to make use of only 5 litres of water to thoroughly clean a maximum and a car of 20 litres of water to clean an automobile and van.

Thank you for your request!

Thank you for your request! Our team will review it and get back to you soon. For urgent inquiries, please call or visit our store.

Thank you for your request!

Thank you for your request! Our team will review it and get back to you soon. For urgent inquiries, please call or visit our store. We look forward to assisting you with your equipment repair needs.